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Stand By-Tech Difficulties at Blip TV


I posted Episode 3 of Look! It’s Libby and Roberta last night and all seemed to be working fine. This morning I can’t locate blip tv (the host) and Episode 3 appears to be lost in cyber space. Meanwhile, here’s a couple shots of bubbles for your Sunday morning. Alex Da Corte‘s birthday piñata party at ICA‘s Locally Localized Gravity took place last Wednesday on the Black Floor stage. (Happy 26th birthday, Alex!). I stopped by before the piñata whacking to check it out. The piñata (a jewel- and sequins-encrusted dead deer–quite stunning and death-like in its pose) seemed too gorgeous (and too sad) to smash but I’m sure it was made to produce its wrapped candies eventually. Anybody witnessing the deer bash want to write in on how it went?

Alex da Corte
The deer

Alex Da Corte
The bat (Louisville Slugger — on a microphone stand)

The cake, the bubbles.