Transcontinental weirdness

Sandra Magsamen in Susan's kitchen
A motto from Sandra Magsamen in Susan’s kitchen, right next to the microwave. I love the heartfelt sentiment next to the modern version of a hearth.

I remember when my friend Susan got this present from one of her friends. It meant nothing to me at the time, other than I remember admiring the random-looking beads on the wire.

But this time, when I walked into Susan’s kitchen, I knew I was looking at work by Sandra Magsamen.

Sandra is married to ionarts art blogger Mark Barry, and she has turned the lessons she learned as an art therapist into big business. This is an example of her words of wisdom on clay placques that originally she and Mark produced pretty much by themselves. No more. They got too many orders to keep on handling them like a mom-and-pop artisan shop. So now she’s a mogul entrepreneur.

She has also just published a new book, Living Artfully, with advice for a more creative, satisfying life. PBS stations nationwide have been using the book as part of their fundraiser offerings, recently.

To put it another way, Magsamen has discovered there’s a nation of people yearning for help with expressing their love and their feelings. As a former art therapist, she couldn’t help but step in. I do believe she means what she writes.

So there on Susan’s cabinet knob hung a piece I suddenly recognized as Sandra’s work. The label on the back confirmed it! I know the person who made this, I exclaimed. Suddenly, the coasts seemed closer than ever. And Sandra is helping them express how they really feel.