Weekly Update – Creepy Sweet

This week’s Weekly has my A-list review of Jenny Kanzler‘s Creepy Sweet at 201 Gallery. Below is the copy, and see more pictures at flickr.

Fallen babies, painting by Jenny Kanzler

Jenny Kanzler
Pocketbook full of bug casings.

Jenny Kanzler’s painting of cherub-like dead babies falling from the sky and landing on a tacky old mattress might put you off. But if it doesn’t, her purse full of bug carcasses probably will. The young Kanzler applies masterly technique and colors to her domestic-grotesque subject matter. Mattresses and bodies conjure up Vuillard on a bad LSD trip. Elsewhere, a girl’s toothy eating of corn on the cob in front of what might be mom’s open dresser drawer creates suffocating psychological angst à la Francis Bacon. The large, well-lit 201 Gallery in the Crane Building is a great new space in the city’s hot Frankford art corridor.

Through April 7. free. 201 Gallery, 1400 N. American St., second fl. 215.236.2872.