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Inbox, incoming, part 3


Because life always gives you choices, this Saturday night, June 2, here are two competing items, both of which I’m interested in:

Open studios/meet the artists at 40th St. AIRSPACE, 4013 Chestnut St. This round of artists in the residency program run by Edward Epstein is an interesting group as always: Christopher Hartshorne, Theodore harris, Sinae Lee, Jonathan Prull and Mary Tasillo.

You’ll find three of those names in our index since Lee and Prull were Penn MFA grads last year and we covered their work in several venues and Hartshorne just showed work in the emerging artist series in Woodmere which Libby covered and I have seen his work in CFEVA shows. Theodore Harris uses the logo “Art as a Weapon” and I’m on his email list at the Weekly but I’ve never seen the work. Mary Tasillo’s work I do not know. But, like I say, the AIRSPACE residency program, which gives artists a studio and exhibition opportunities and requires that they participate in a community art program, is a very good one.

More on AIRSPACE here.

40th St. Artist-in-Residence Invites you to Meet the Artist…
Saturday, June 2, 7-9 PM
Event begins with refreshments at AIRSPACE, 4013 Chestnut, Philadelphia PA 19104
Please RSVP:

The other event is the Tao of Poo, a night of poop humor and poop culture at Fleisher Art Memorial with New York writer Dave Praeger and four Philadelphia comedians, Gregg Gethard, Fran Dolan, Brian Hansens, and Pat Kelly. We on artblog are a very serious crew. However, back in 2003 I noted a poop stream of art locally and elsewhere and wrote about it. See post. Praeger is an observer of all things potty and has written a book about the subject, so he comes loaded with expert scatological credentials.

Here’s more information on Praeger and how to sign up for the show (it costs $5 but parking is free at the Fleisher lot).

A Night of Poop Humor and Poop Culture

June 2, 7:30 PM | $5
The Fleisher Art Memorial
719 Catharine Street, Philadelphia

Two events, two wildly different affects. I know there’s an audience out there for both of them.