Saint Liberta and Mother Teresa?


martin bromirski
It’s Libby and Roberta, by Martin Bromirski

Oh my god. I can’t believe Martin Bromirski, artist and blogger from Baltimore (anaba is his blog). Thanks to him, Roberta and I have turned up in the most unlikely place for us–a list of heroes, including the likes of Ghandi, Frida Kahlo, St. Francis and Pedro Almodovar. There are more. Like Thoreau, a pregnant Wonder Woman and Noah Webster fer instance.

They–we????–are all honored in pieces made by nearly 50 artists in an exhibit, The Heroes Show, in Olympia, WA. Martin made a piece about us for the exhibit, and frankly I am stunned to be in someone else’s art work, let alone in the company of Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s a star studded list. really. You can check out the whole story, including other artists in the exhibit, on Martin’s post on anaba. He even wrote an essay on why we are his heroes. Aw, shucks.


anaba, heroes, libertas, martin bromirski



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