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Your health insurance


We just got an SOS from LINC Philadelphia, part of a Ford Foundation national effort to improve artists’ lives. They are trying to get artists to take a survey on health insurance needs, and have only gotten 1/3 of the respondents they need. It’s short and even if you’re already hooked up with health insurance, it would help them to know this. If you’re not, you certainly owe it to yourself to take the time.

Here’s an excerpt from their memo:

One component of LINC Philadelphia is a feasibility study to determine strategies for making health insurance available to individual artists. As part of this study, LINC Philadelphia has launched a survey targeting individual artists across the “five county region” to determine your insurance needs. The survey is now available via the web or a paper version can be requested by calling Melissa Mosko at 267-794-3018. Please note that all results are confidential, we will have no knowledge of who you are unless you tell us otherwise.

You can have an enormous impact on the success of this project by making sure that you participate in this online survey and are aware of this important effort. If there are other artists in this region that you believe should know of this important effort, please forward the survey link to them as well.

Later this summer we will be posting the results of this survey on the LINC website. Again, thank you for helping with this project.