Ava Blitz at CFEVA

Ava Blitz, Stone Tree, from her show at CFEVA.
Ava Blitz, Stone Tree, from her show at CFEVA.

Artblog pal, Ava Blitz, has a show of carvings, castings and small furniture-like assemblages at CFEVA, and the work looks great!

Archaic Smile: New Works in Relief and Sculpture by Ava Blitz.
The Felicity “Bebe” R. Benoliel Gallery
The Center for Emerging Visual Artists
237 South 18th Street, Suite 3A
Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm
Saturday 1 pm – 3 pm

Here’s what Ava says about the new work:

This work alludes to the passage of time, petrified in stone or concrete. Lines become blurred and distinctions ambiguous between fossil and artifact, natural history and cultural history, and the present, past, and future.

The show runs through June 28. More pictures at flickr.


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