Highwire finds a home

I thought Highwire Gallery was cooked, what with the upcoming redevelopment of 1315 Cherry St. for the Convention Center expansion. Today, in my email, news that Highwire is not only still percolating, but it is moving to 1219 Vine St. in the fall. This is good news for the continuing art development of the area near Vox and Copy galleries on North 11th–plus it sits like link between that area and Space 1026 and the Academy. A little push and shove further north and Cerulean will also be in that orbit. Not to mention Rodeph Shalom Synagogue, which also hosts shows now and again thanks to the excellent Matt Singer.

In the meanwhile, Highwire actually has a show starting June 8 at

Seeber Fine art Gallery
2007 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
215- 756- 7999
Hours tue – thurs 11-2
Fri – Sun 12-7


Seeber Fine Art? beats me. Another place to explore.