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Report from Paris


Post by Charlotte Schatz

[Ed. note: Philadelphia artist Charlotte Schatz made a trip to Berlin, Lyon and Paris this spring and wrote these lively reports on her visit. This and the prior post cover her time in France. The first four cover Berlin.]

Hi Everyone:

Les Frigos Open Studios
Poster for Los Frigos open studios (all photos by Charlotte Schatz)

Fascinating day yesterday. Evelyne and I went to the area near the new Mitterand Bibliotek in the south of Paris to visit some big old factories which have been studios for years. The halls and stairs were covered in layers of graffiti. We were able to see 5 floors before our eyes started spinning. Jazz concerts, stage sets, sculptors, painters, ceramic artists, dogs, kids, crowds of people. It was very exciting and thrilling to see such large studios and such a wonderful sense of community. Many artists were invited to show in other’s spaces.

Los Frigos artists studios, covered with graffiti
Los Frigos artists studios, covered with graffiti

We had a conversation with Paul Reti who had taught in the US about his work (look it up) and the history of the buildings. I have lots of pictures but can’t send them from this computer so they will have to wait on my return – that’s a promise.

Les Frigos #3
at Los Frigos open studios

I should mention that as we got close to the buildings, a huge wind came up and almost took us off our feet and then the rain came. Well, it’s Paris after all!

Charlotte Schatz is a Philadelphia painter and sculptor. Read Parts 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.