The full Fleisher: Challenge winners, part 2


Now I have the whole list of Fleisher Challenge winners! Executive Director Matthew Braun sweetly wrote me that they’d give Artblog the scoop, but I have another source and can’t wait to share; I want to thank all of you who gave me information (you know who you are).

Here we go:

Walter Plotnick, who creates Rohrshach-like symmetry in his photographic prints
Richard Ryan (I mentioned him last post)
Roger Matsumoto–a new name to us, and all I can find on line is that he has gotten awards and shown at the PMA in The Silver Garden and in Dear Fleisher.

Gregory Brellochs–a new name to us. He’s a PAFA alum who makes representational drawings of biological-looking fantasies.
Rebecca Saylor-Sack, who paints beautiful gestural landscapes that cascade into abstraction
William Gannotta–another new name for us; a PAFA alum, he makes paintings that are full of juicy, abstract color

Stephen and Billy Blaise Dufala–sculptures of real objects reconsidered in edgy ways; you probably know their toilet tricycle best, but I’m particularly fond of their giant grater on wheels.
Laura M. Haight–a new name to artblog; she has an exhibition track record in Southern California and has just completed an MFA in ceramics from Tyler.
Jury Smith–a new name here too; a ceramics artist who has shown more than once at the Clay Studio invitational as well as at Artists Space.

Shelley Spector–we named Shelley in the last post. She’s a sculptor, dealer, and overall amazing
Judy Gelles–another who we named before, a videomaker and photographer who often uses text and narrative in unexpected ways.
Erica Zoe Loustau–a name we don’t know yet, but I see she had an exhibit of sculpture at the DCCA!

Congratulations to all of you. This is sooo cool. I thought you might like to check out Fleisher’s list of all its past Challenge recipients. It’s pretty amazing.


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