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Weekly Update – Funky at Fleisher-Ollman


This week’s Weekly has my editor’s choice review of Good Funky Miles at Fleisher-Ollman. Below is the copy with a couple pictures. More photos at flickr.

“Good Funky Miles”
Through July. Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, 1616 Walnut St., suite 100. 215.545.7562.

Thomas Vance. cardboard construction with sculpey and paint.

”Good Funky Miles” is less funky than a real trip through Philly’s streets. There’s trash alright, but it’s behind glass in a piece called Big Snak by Dan Murphy (co-founder of Megawords magazine).

Dan Murphy, Big Snak.
Dan Murphy, Big Snak.

Big Snak is so perfect I can’t believe I haven’t seen the idea before—shiny Herr’s potato chip bags and pink, yellow and white plastic totes mashed together in garbacious harmony under glass. Michael Heath’s urban cartoons are very good. Thomas Vance’s cardboard constructions—crazy moebius strip roadways to nowhere, each a colorful avatar for some fairy-tale transportation system—are awe-inspiring.

Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman. Imaginary map made with office supplies and a steady hand.

Best are Andrew Herman’s elegant imagined city maps. With their earnest names (Markford, Crescent River) and painstakingly hand-drawn lines, Herman’s works alone are worth the trip on a hot summer day to a show that’s breezy and sweet.