Yummy! Nexus needs you to shop!!

This just in from Nick Cassway of Nexus. I’m not sure if it’s the first instance of a supermarket/art gallery tie-in but it’s the first time in my memory that a grocery store has given cold hard cash in the cause of art (they often cough up cookies and juice for school openings etc). So good going, Whole Foods!! and get out there and shop, y’all, and support Nexus and its show, Yummy, which is about America’s food fixations, eating habits, table manners and food faux pas.

On Wednesday, June 27th (this coming Wednesday!), Whole Foods Market at 10th and South Streets in Philadelphia will be sponsoring a 5% day, a special project in which 5 percent of all store receipts will be directed towards the upcoming Nexus exhibition Yummy, which opens December 2007 and runs through January 2008.

Yummy is a group exhibition and public celebration that explores the vast impact food has on contemporary American society. This exhibition focuses on cultural traditions related to family customs and social norms as well as the influence the entertainment and advertising industry has on our eating habits.

You can help support this exhibition by simply doing your shopping at Whole Foods on South Street , on Wednesday, June 27th at anytime. Stock up or just pick up a soda. It will help Nexus out a great deal.


Whole Foods Market
929 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone: 215.733.9788
free parking!