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More! Another Second Thursday opening


As soon as I put that last post up about what’s opening this Thursday I knew I had missed something. Here it is, another great-sounding exhibit in the East Girard Arts Corridor.

This one’s at the fabulous Crane Art Center‘s fabulous Icebox:

23 Degrees
Artists in CFEVA’S Career Development Program
Crane Art Center – Icebox
July 11 – July 28, 2007
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 12th 5:30- 8:30
Hours: Thursday, 1:00- 6:00
Friday – Sunday, 12:00- 6:00

Julia Blaukopf, Chemical Bikers, in the show 23 Degrees at the Icebox
Julia Blaukopf, Chemical Bikers, in the show 23 Degrees at the Icebox

Paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, photography, video and installtion. One artist, Andrea Cote, will be making a site specific drawing with hair, and her email said she’d be working Monday through Thursday and she welcomes visitors. (We’ve written about a number of these artists and you’ll find them in our labels or search for them using the blog search function at the top of the page.)

Here’s who’s in the show:

Lillian Bayley
Julia Blaukopf
Anne Canfield
Elizabeth Crisman
Andrea Cote
Jarrett Min Davis
Xiaoqing Ding
Darla Jackson
Joelle Jensen
John Karpinksi
Rafaelo Kazakov
Mark Khaisman
Jedediah Morfit
Matthew Neff
Caleb Nussear
Tara O’Brien
Serena Perrone
Shea Roggio
Binod Shrestha
Amy Stevens
Jeffrey Stockbridge
Cory Wagner
Brian Zegeer.

Second Thursday openings are up and coming and a great idea for coordinating events to get people out to this new arts corridor. It’s efficient and fun, so bring a friend and check it out. And make sure you stop by Nexus and Tower if you do.