Look! It’s Eastern State Penitentiary in our newest video


Here we are visiting Susan Hagen’s new work at Eastern State Penitentiary. The pieces, in Cellblock 7 (which was the site of the Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller Pandemonium piece) are poignant miniature tableaus depicting scenes from prison life, each tableau isolated in an individual cell. The tableaus are carved in wood and then bleached white. We also stopped to see Linda Brenner’s ghost cats and Dayton Castleman’s escape routes.

Not covered in the video but also good to see are works by William Cromar, Michael Grothusen, Judy Taylor and others.

As always, the building itself is an amazing experience and a reminder of why prison is not such a good place!

The video by our fave video guru David Kessler captures it all. Here’s a link to his popular Shadow World videos. And here’s a link to all the Look! It’s Libby and Roberta episodes.


david kessler, dayton castleman, eastern state penitentiary, linda brenner, susan hagen



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