A cause no more!

There are two winners in our effort to raise money for a Donors Choose project.

The wonderful Rob Matthews has won the top prize–one year of advertising on artblog!!!! He got it for being the top donor to the project we chose, “What In The World Is Going On?: Current Events Kit.” The project is now becoming a reality–subscriptions to a news magazine for the students of Ms. Sinclair, a Philadelphia public school teacher. So thanks to the several donors, three of them from artblog.

Here’s the letter we got from Ms. Sinclair:

Dear Donor,

Thank you so much for funding my classroom project. I have been dreaming of giving my students access to a text on their reading level that would allow them to know about current events in their world. Now, every week, my students will be able to read what is going on internationally and within the United States. Thank you so much. This would not have been possible without your generosity and I can’t thank you enough.

When you see Rob’s little ad rotating on the right, give him a salute plus a click for his generosity in helping out the project and doing the right thing!!! By the way, Rob has a show coming up in November at Gallery Joe, and our preview (he sent us a disc with the images) tells us it’s not to be missed.