Another newbie gallery-Rebekah Templeton!

Screen shot of the new gallery's webpage (mostly under construction at the moment).
Screen shot of the new gallery’s webpage (mostly under construction at the moment).

Like popcorn, the galleries keep exploding in the pan, coming to life as if the town is a giant stove that’s lit everybody’s fire simultaneously.

Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, project of Sarah Eberle and Ben Will, opens in November at 173 W. Girard, in the new Girard Ave. arts corridor. The innaugural show has work by New York artist Sara Gates (seen last year at Falling Cow in the show Embelish–read post) and the opening reception is the Second Thursday in November, Nov. 8, 6-9 pm. (Saturday, Nov. 3 there’s a preview party from 6-9 pm.)

We at Artblog know Sarah (from her curating at Falling Cow) and Ben (from his art and from his pithy commentary in Artblog’s comments) and the joint venture is another welcome addition to the scene. While I don’t know the derivation of the gallery’s name, I’ll bet there’s a story….maybe a Reena Spaulings-like story?