Art in America hearts Artblog!!

Cover of this month's Art in America, which features us!!!
Cover of this month’s Art in America, which features us!!!

Emails are pouring in. Here’s a sample

from Frank Bramblett

CONGRATULATIONS you superstars!!! the spirit of two of you are in
every word! thanks multos. frank

Want to know why? We’re in Art in America — again!!! See page 61 of the November, 2007 issue for the blogger roundtable, The New Grass Roots, organized by Peter Plagens and featuring Regina Hackett, Tyler Green, Jeff Jahn, Ed Winkleman and none other than Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof.

We all go on and on for pages and pages about the business of blogging and the business of art criticism–with passion and snark.