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Free Burma blog-in


red in solidarity with the Burmese monks (these are an image of rope lights from some purveyor of such products)

This post is part of a global blog-in today protesting the Myanmar (i.e. Burma) government’s violent suppression of protests this past week. To put it another way, the military government there shot down a bunch of unarmed Buddhist monks for taking to the streets to speak out against the government.

You can join in the protest, too, by using the links below. Or if you just want to see what’s up, look for red images at the top of lots of blogs from everywhere (and thanks to Mark Barry at ionarts for sending us the info).

Here are other online sites that we know of that are part of the protest:

  • Free Burma
  • Flicker’s Red Shirt for Burma Group (I hope they don’t mind, but I sent in my Phillies cap photo; add your red shirts to the group if you’re a Flickr-ite)
  • There’s a petition you can add your name to here. This site has announced Sat., Oct. 6, as a day of international protest.
  • A good site to check out the blogosphere protest is technorati.