Phillies and Alex rule!!!


Still life for victory
We used to have even more Phillies hats, but I just cleaned out the closet.

I grew up not that far from Ebbets Field. When the Brooklyn Dodgers had a good year, the streets sang with the broadcasts amplified from every tv, radio and portable radio in the neighborhood. No need to ever miss a moment.

But when the Dodgers ditched us for L.A., I lost my love for baseball. But then I married a Phillies phan.

And my son has taken his passion for Philadelphia sports teams–the Phillies and the Eagles–to Brooklyn with him, where he now lives. It’s a whole different experience rooting for a team on alien soil.

He tells what it’s like in his op-ed piece, Twinge of pity for the vanquished, in the Philadelphia Inquirer. If any sentences don’t read, blame it on some editor, of course!


alex dubin, phillies



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