Notes from beyond

Matthew Suib Cocked for action in Brooklyn
Videographer Matthew Suib, just opened Saturday in Brooklyn at Smack Mellon, 92 Plymouth St., 718.834.8761. His video Cocked is included in the exhibition Infinitu et Contini, curated by Denise Carvahlo. The show runs through Dec. 30. The exhibit is supported by a huge bunch of grants, included money from the New York State Council on the Arts and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

I just saw Cocked again at Moore College of Art and Design in the exhibit Facts, Fantasies, and Fictions: Christian Curiel, Sarah McEneaney, Matthew Suib, and projected large and wide, in a black box room with a bench to sit on, it looked really great and hilarious. I had seen it previously on a small monitor at the Art Alliance, standing on my feet, and it didn’t do the work justice.

Gelles photos in L.A.
Photographer Judy Gelles has an exhibit at the Skirball in Los Angeles. Here exhibit, Family Ties: Three Generations, uses family artifacts to reflect on the passage of time, how things change or stay the same, and the subtle ways we are taught to be male and female.


Anne Minich poses at A.I.R.
Philadelphia artist Anne Minich is the subject of work by another artist now at A.I.R. Gallery. The exhibit Night Vision of work by Sheila Ross includes video and photographs.

More posing
The magazine GQ featured the Crane Art Center in its Nov. 2007 print edition. Here’s the Crane’s newsletter version of how it all happened: “They called us up one day asking us for pictures of exhibitions with ‘lovely ladies’ (remember this is GQ) and it was at that very moment I realized how few of such images we actually had on hand. Sadly, they had to settle for the picture of the ‘cool dudes’ instead! If anyone has a great photo that you want to share from an opening in the Ice Box, email them to us and we’ll credit you and keep them on hand in case we need to use them!.”

We heart iheartart
On a slightly different note, we’ve been getting a weekly newsletter from a New York guy named Tyrus Townsend, who also has a blog called iheartart. Here’s a sample:


hey gang,
hope you all have had a productive and creative week. here is what is going on in iheartart’s world: names the FIve Asian Modern artists on the rise
-Here & Now: NYU’s African-Ameircan Art and Film Conference
-New York Magazine profiles Art Adviser Kim Heirston
-What is Action Painting?
-Kori Newkirk premieres “1997-2007”
-Studio Museum cancels another event: Jacon Lawrence’s Migration Series
-Muji arrives stateside
-Weeked happenings in ATL, MIA, CHI and LA

As you can see, he’s a good source if you’re tired of viewing things by the usual five white guys. If you want to receive the newsletter, go the blog site.