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Calendar for the city–Funnel Pages so you can find the art


A few weeks ago we heard about a project to develop calendar pages for art lovers in Philadelphia. Hooray, we said, because we are always looking for a better way to keep track of what is up when.

Then we learned that someone else had already gotten the ball rolling on a similar project! That someone is artist Shaun M. Baer, who had an exhibit, Making Ghosts, at FLUX Space in June. Baer has created Funnel Pages, with openings, ongoing exhibitions, events, films. But it’s not only listings. It’s also got open space for reviews and discussions, etc.

It’s a no-muss, no-fuss layout, and the shows are linked to the appropriate websites.

Of course any calendar effort is only as good as the information people feed it. So if you’ve got a show, send the info to Funnel Pages, !

I spoke with Shaun this evening. He said his girlfriend, web designer Melissa McFeeters, set the page up in only a few weeks. It’s still a work in progress. “We’re talking about making a form so it goes in automatically.” He also said he and the other Philly art calendar folks are planning to talk together–united they stand, I trust.

Shaun is part of the Tyler crowd who graduated last year and have been making a mark by opening galleries and studios. Shaun’s studio is at Art Making Machine Studios. He does installation art as well as other sorts of object making and painting.

“Basically I had felt there were a lot of openings going on that i didn’t know about that I really wished that I had gone to go see.” Just today he got an email about Tyler students’ house show, Haus Werk, in Paoli. If they hadn’t gotten in touch with me, there’s no way to know it’s going on.”

Here at artblog, we have been talking for a while about the need of a better way to know what’s cooking. The art scene has grown, and the information systems weren’t keeping pace. So we’re super excited.

In keeping with the spirit of open space for discussion and commentary, the pages are in beta testing, so if you have suggestions, send them along to .