Eileen Neff review at Artnet


My review of Eileen Neff‘s Between Us at ICA (now through Dec. 16) is up at artnet. Below is the first paragraph as a little teaser. If you haven’t seen the show, run over quick…or catch it in Dublin in 2009 at the Royal Hibernian Academy. (We’ve written lots about Neff’s great photography over the years and you’ll find it by searching the labels or using the search function at the top of the blog.)

The Philadelphia photographer Eileen Neff (b. 1945) presents a dreamy world of landscapes and empty interiors where the players are clouds and trees, chairs and birds, all of them ghostly stand-ins for the human. Neff’s scenes suggest a Godot-like waiting. When a small cloud inhabits an empty room, as in the black-and-white photograph Western Wind III, or snuggles like a lover with a tree in a garden, as in Another Bride, the story’s about us, about loneliness, love, beauty and the wonder of life….


eileen neff, ica



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