Got books?


This is a picture of artists’ books, zines and other art-related publications available as a temporary reading library, now on display at the ICA’s exhibit Ramp Project: Beyond Kiosk, A Selection of the Kiosk Archive, drawn from the Kiosk archive in Berlin; wouldn’t it be nice for a permanent reading library at the University City Arts League? You can help.

The University City Arts League is creating an arts library for the thousands who take classes from pottery to poetry, painting to salsa dancing.

The West Philly non-profit gallery and educational institution would like build an arts book collection that mirrors the diversity of its own offerings — stained glass to sculpture to photography.

Interested givers can drop off books at the Arts League, 4226 Spruce, just about any afternoon or early evening but Sunday. Need to come by another time? Call 215-382-7811 or email


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