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Yuliya Lanina, Enchanted, detail. She's in the CP network!
Yuliya Lanina, Enchanted, detail. She’s in the CP network!

Are you longing for your images to appear on several high-powered art blogs? Here’s a way to accomplish that. No muss, no fuss. Just send some images plus a little statement and get a FREE page on Culture Pundits and a thumbnail image on the front page of these widely known blogs, namely:

Art & Sex & Music: Focusing on the democratization of art collection though prints, editions and multiples.
Art Fag City: As relevant as Eric Fischl. Art news, gossip and reviews.
Art.Blogging.LA: is the first blog dedicated to the L.A. art scene focusing on news, editorials, previews, and reviews. abLA has selected writers and guest writers who, just as the LA art scene is so diversified, are free to express his or her own opinion. This gives the blog a range in voice. Part of Metroblogging, abLA is one of the most widely read art blogs on the web that was voted a top art blog by Art in America in 2004, was added to Google News in early 2005, and included in Forbes Magazine’s Best of the Web 2005.
Art4Change: Tom Schreiber Studio: NYC artist Tom Schreiber’s Art4Change creates new support for the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) through words on canvas and drawings on Post-it¨ Recycled Paper Notes.
Artblog Comments: What’s happening in contemporary art, why is it happening, and what does it mean for me as an artist as well as for the average man, woman and child? Artblog Comments explores visual art at all scales and ambition levels to investigate what it is that drives the art-making impulse, what this tells us about ourselves, and what it really means to be an artist in America in the twenty-first century.
ArtCal: The opinionated New York art guide
Big RED & Shiny: An arts journal for New England
BlogChelsea: A blog about the Chelsea NY neighborhood.
bloggy: Influential NYC-based art, photo, and politics blog — posting regularly since 2002.
Cremaster Fanatic: The latest news about artist Matthew Barney
Culturebot: is an online magazine devoted to contemporary performance and the live arts: dance, theater, music and more.
fallon and rosof’s artblog: art reviews, news and gossip from Philadelphia and beyond
Heart As Arena: Enthusiastic responses to the art I see. There should be more applause and weeping in galleries and museums. I’m just doing my part.
Hotel Chelsea Blog: Living with Legends — A blog about daily life at the famed New York hotel. A blog of culture, writing, photography and ideas.
Hungry Hyaena: A blog discussing art, natural history, ecology and related subject matter
James Wagner: is an influential art, photography, and politics blog published regularly since 2002.
Oly’s Musings: Art blog and review. Written in a conversational style– non-academic speak. I enjoy bringing art to everyone.
(re)mark, byMark Dixon: Drawings, paintings and works in progress of a Montreal painter.
The Playgoer: New York City-based Theatre News, Reviews, and Commentary
The Reeler: New York City cinema, from the art house to the red carpet
Thinking About Art: Thinking About Art is a Washington, D.C. based art blog that primarily publishes art reviews of art shows in the D.C. region, thoughts on current art events and concerns, and Web-based projects with artists around the world.
Two Coats of Paint
: Two Coats of Paint posts reviews, commentary, and background information about painting and related subjects on one easily accessible site.
Vernissage TV art tv
: VernissageTV is the Internet’s unique TV art project, which covers exhibitions and events in the fields of contemporary art, design and architecture. The objective is to give an authentic insight into the world of art by the means of film and video. Founded in September 2005 VernissageTV is growing steadily. Until now VernissageTV produced, published and archived over 750 episodes.

Chris Bors, Love Letter Kiddie Pool, detail from a performance piece. He’s in the CP network!


As of this moment, these artists are listed in the CP network

Tom Bogaert
Chris Bors
Timothy Buckwalter
Chas. Colburn
Eric Doeringer
Sarah Ferguson
Tara Giannini
Les Joynes
Todd Kelly
Aaron Krach
Yuliya Lanina
Jonathan Podwil
Adam Stennett

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