PA Council grant winners for 2008

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts announced its 2008 grant recipients recently. Here below is the area listing of who won (oops, none for Bucks, but since we’ve been following with interest the winner in Lehigh County, we included that county). Thanks to Rob Matthews, himself a grant winner, who passed this info along to us.

All told, 74 artists representing 15 counties in Pennsylvania have been named 2008 Individual Creative Artists Fellowship recipients in these categories–

The 2008 awards were available in dance – choreography; folk and traditional arts – performing traditions; literature – poetry; media arts – documentary and narrative; music – classical composition; theatre – scriptworks (for playwrights and screenwriters); and visual arts – painting or drawing/artist’s books/printmaking or new technologies/other genres.

Congratulations to all of you who won!!! The list includes a few artblog faves and a bunch of people in the visual arts whose work we hope we get to know some day soon!!! For more information on the PA Council and its grants, also to see the listings of from artists beyond this region, go here.

Morgan S. Craig $5,000 Visual Arts – Painting
Thomas Benedict Gibbons $10,000 Theatre – Scriptworks
Susan Beth Lehman $10,000 Theatre – Scriptworks
Brian Richmond $5,000 Visual Arts – Painting

Bethany Formica $5,000 Dance – Choreography
Richard Power Hoffmann $5,000 Media Arts – Documentary and Narrative
Dianne R. Thompson $5,000 Media Arts – Documentary and Narrative

Amze James Emmons $5,000 Visual Arts – Drawing/Artist’s Books/Printmaking

Barbara Attie* $2,500 Media Arts – Documentary and Narrative
Lisa Ripley Kraus $5,000 Dance – Choreography
Carol A. Sabik-Jaffe $5,000 Theatre – Scriptworks

Katie Baldwin $5,000 Visual Arts – Drawing/Artist’s Books/Printmaking
Peter Enrique Bonilla $5,000 Theatre – Scriptworks
Randall C. Couch $10,000 Literature – Poetry
Christine Cox $5,000 Dance – Choreography
Ross A. Gay $5,000 Literature – Poetry
Janet Goldwater* $2,500 Media Arts – Documentary and Narrative
Robert Rutledge Goodman $5,000 Visual Arts – Painting
John B. Hedges $5,000 Music – Classical Composition
Nadia Hironaka $10,000 Visual Arts – New Technologies/Other Genres
Maori Karmael Holmes $5,000 Media Arts – Documentary and Narrative
Tania B. Isaac $5,000 Dance – Choreography
Alex Kanevsky $5,000 Visual Arts – Painting
Kirsten Jennine Kaschock $5,000 Literature – Poetry
Steven Labadessa $5,000 Visual Arts – Painting
Eugene L. Martin $5,000 Media Arts – Documentary and Narrative
Rob Matthews $5,000 Visual Arts – Drawing/Artist’s Books/Printmaking
Bill McRight $5,000 Visual Arts – Drawing/Artist’s Books/Printmaking
Nick Charles Moudry $5,000 Literature – Poetry
James G. Mundie $5,000 Visual Arts – Drawing/Artist’s Books/Printmaking
Matthew Logan Neenan $5,000 Dance – Choreography
Kate Northrop $5,000 Literature – Poetry
James Thomas Primosch $5,000 Music – Classical Composition
Donna M. Quinn $5,000 Visual Arts – Painting
James Alexander Rose $5,000 Visual Arts – Drawing/Artist’s Books/Printmaking
William Edward Smith $5,000 Visual Arts – Painting
Katherine Watson-Wallace $5,000 Dance – Choreography
Kelley Jean White $5,000 Literature – Poetry
Raphael Xavier $5,000 Folk and Traditional Arts – Performing Traditions
Nami Yamamoto $5,000 Visual Arts – Drawing/Artist’s Books/Printmaking

* Collaboration Grants