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Survival of the fittest at Penn





Libby noticed it first. A group of students had stopped dead in their tracks on Locust Walk near the Claes Oldenburg Button and the group was getting bigger. What was going on? We got closer and saw it — a small hawk was there on the grass eating its lunch — a squirrel — seemingly nonplussed by the onlookers, most of whom whipped out cell phone cameras to take a picture. As for the students they let out collective eeeeuuuw’s as the bird chowed down in its bird-like fashion (don’t ask). “Ten new vegetarians are born,” Libby quipped. “It’s a hawk eat squirrel world,” said Steve, when I told him. Which reminded me of what Stella said when I told her I’d seen a hawk eat a pigeon in our backyard one summer day several years ago and was expressing sympathy for the pigeon, “Mom, a hawk’s gotta eat.”

Click to see the bird bigger. It was a really handsome animal.