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Heartworks for Mazzoni Center’s AIDS work


Heartworks, the big fundraiser for the Mazzoni Center and its work helping people with AIDS, is just a heartbeat away. The thing includes a number of events, including a huge exhibit of about 70 artists and an auction of their artwork.

But the place to see and be seen, the hot ticket for my money, is the kick-off event, featuring Brooklyn indie-rock band Gang Gang Dance, tomorrow at Johnny Brenda’s. More info on that here. I’m sorry I’m going to miss this (I have a house full of guests and no can do; I do think Roberta is planning to go).

The show, which is at the Crane, includes artists–local and national! Check out the list:

Elyce Abrams
Cory Arcangel
Zaina Alwan
Alex Bag
Patterson Beckwith
Paul Bernstock & Thelma Speirs
Tom Bubul
Dave Bond
Tom Borgese
Suzanne Boatenreiter
Chad Brown
Sarah Cain
Joshua Callaghan
F. Lennox Campello
Anthony Campuzano
Annie Costello Brown
Michael Costiff
Alex Da Corte
Tara De Long
David Dempewolf
Billy Blaise Dufala
Steven Dufala
Shari Elf
Mark X Farina
Gang Gang Dance
Denis Gaydier
Ellie Greenwood
Gia Grosso
Steve Hall & Cathee Wilkins
Karl Hahn
Ian Hokin
Pearl C Hsiung
Bettina Hubby
Tim Jackson
Steven Ward James
Giovanni Jance
Michael Lazarus
Paul Lee
Isaac Lin
Missy Made
Ann Magnuson
Virgil Marti
Kelly Marie Martin & David M. Jones
Gabriel Martinez
Daniel McDonald
Ryan McGinley
Jason Meadows
Thom Merrick
Sandeep Mukherjee
Takeshi Murata
Professor Murder
Eileen Neff
Stuart Netsky
Michele O’Marah
Oliver Payne & Nick Relph
Jack Pierson
Buzz Pierce
Mary Pinto
Randy Polumbo
PRISM Quartet
Jay Schuette
Ji Shin
Lisa Sitko
Mike Slack
Paul Slocum
Jack Sloss
Michael Bell-Smith
Shelley Spector
Matthew Spiegelman
Jeni Spota
Zoe Strauss
Melanie Strickland
Kim Stringfellow
Thaddeus Strode
Hiroshi Sunairi
Tim Tate
Jeremy Tinder
Jennifer Tzar
Chris Veit
Mary Weatherford
Mikal Winn
Andrea Zittel

There’s a nice story in today’s Inquirer featuring exhibit curator Chris Veit, who we met at the preview party. He is an irrepressible character, and he has poured his heart into this. The article also includes several images of work in the show and auction.