One hour art alert!! from Daniel Heyman

Portrait of Gregory Taylor, April 24, 2008, by Daniel Heyman
Portrait of Gregory Taylor, April 24, 2008, by Daniel Heyman

[This just in from Daniel Heyman, whose portraits of Iraqi torture victims you may remember. Here’s news about a related project from closer to home. We admire how Daniel has successfully found a way to revivify portraiture and do it with a political edge:]

Dear Roberta and Libby,
I want to invite you to a rather odd art project of mine, perhaps that is not the correct way to put it.  I have been working with the National Comprehensive Center for Fathers, a Philly based organization that helps black men with both prison records and children, on the road to more stable and secure futures.  It has been a wonderful eye opening experience into lives being led so close to my own and yet are so completely foreign to my experiences.  The men have been very courageous to share their experiences with me, and through these portraits with the rest of the world.  Here is one of the portraits I made with one of these men:

This Friday from noon to 1pm these pictures will be on display at City Hall during a reception honoring the NCCF.  Unfortunately, the whole event will only last for an hour or so, and as of right now I have not yet found another place to display these works.  (I will, it just hasn’t happened yet!)   I believe the room for the reception is 201, but if you are interested in finding out more I will let you know when I find out the particulars.  Anyway, I wanted to give you a heads up, in case you are free and can stop by.

My best to you.  Hope all is well,


daniel heyman



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