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Zoe Strauss’ Sunday, Sunday, super Sunday



Spring is here and that means the 7th annual Zoe Strauss Under I-95 show and sale. Of the people, by the people and for the people. 231 photographs, 67 of them new, for the rock bottom price of $5 each. The color photos digitally reproduced are displayed on the pillars that hold up the mighty super speedway I-95 in South Philadelphia near Target. Those become lagniappe for the cognoscenti at the end of the day. Grab one of the images off a pillar, absolutely free, with Zoe’s blessing. Please only one to a customer.

Since she exploded on the scene seven years ago, Strauss has been one of the most exciting artists in town. Her blog is a complete interweaving of her politics, her life and her studio practice. We think the blog is art!

Do not miss this event, Sunday. Only three more years after this and then the project is over. If you haven’t seen this you’re missing something very important that’s happening here in Philadelphia. Strauss is our hero.

Here are the directions.