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Banana twins–Nick Paparone and Andria Bibiloni


IMG_5730 Nick Paparone
Nick Paparone, 400 Horsepower #1, airbrushed, laminated Cindy Crawford poster, poster hangers

Andria Bibiloni's self-portrait as banana-weilding muchacha
Andria Bibiloni’s self-portrait as banana-weilding muchacha

My favorite coincidence this month is a pair of images by two very different artists with very different intents, both of them playing off the same kind of pop culture imagery.

On the top we have Nick Paparone‘s rejiggering of a Cindy Crawford poster, merging Carmen Miranda as Chiquita Banana, Cindy Crawford as Cindy Crawford selling Cindy Crawford, her swim suit and her look, and phallic symbols turned rasta hair in case you missed the message.

The image under Nick’s is Andria Bibiloni‘s self-portrait, sporting a threatening banana skin mask and banana heat.

Paparone’s picture is part of his introductory Vox Populi one-man show this month, up until June 1, Cliffs, Bluffs and Steamy Lowlands. And Bibiloni’s was part of her Tyler MFA exhibit of work about popular images of Puerto Rican identity at Temple Gallery. That one’s down already.