I Dated Cindy Sherman


Doesn’t everyone wonder who the real Cindy Sherman is? I know I do.

Some info came in via an email from Molly E., the daughter of my friends Barbara and Larry. As part of Molly’s job, she was letting me know about an article in Salon about Paul H-O’s film I Dated Cindy Sherman, which screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. The article’s a great read. Plus there’s an interview with Paul at the end, plus a video excerpt of him talking.

All I have to say is no one comes off super well, not Sherman, not H-O. (As you may–or may not–remember, we ran a great piece by Paris-based Matthew Rose, Portrait of the artist as a young assistant, that included an interview with H-O. If you didn’t read that series, it’s worth a read).

Well the festival is way over. And the film isn’t online so far as I can tell. But I’m hoping the film finds a second life. Either way, the stuff on Salon is worth a read for its mix of gossip and for all the identity issues which seem to inhere not only in Sherman’s art but in her life.


cindy sherman, paul h-o



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