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Anne d’Harnoncourt died this morning

Photo of Anne d'Harnoncourt at the hardhat tour in 2006 of the PMA's Perelman Building.
Photo of Anne d’Harnoncourt at the hardhat tour in 2006 of the PMA’s Perelman Building.

…from the Philadelphia Inquirer online

Anne d’Harnoncourt, art museum director, dies at 64

Anne d’Harnoncourt, chief executive of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a fixture of the Philadelphia cultural world, suffered a stroke at home and died this morning. She was 64.
One of the most powerful women in the modern art world, d’Harnoncourt had spent more than half of her lifetime at the Philadelphia Museum. She joined the PMA staff in 1972, became director in 1982, and succeeded Robert Montgomery Scott in 1996 as the museum’s chief executive. Over the years, she has overseen any number of internationally recognized exhibitions.
D’Harnoncourt is survived by her husband, Joseph Rishel, a senior curator at that institution.