Blast from the past–Libby and Roberta in action!
Watch a clip from Wendy Weinberg's "Art of Activism" video that features Libby and Roberta in one of their art giveaways on the streets of Philadelphia! Shot by Wendy's film crew on the corner of 17th and Market Streets in Center City Philadelphia, this clip explains the M.O. behind the giveaways, and shows how much fun they were.


From the archives of Fallon and Rosof and the Zero.1% for Art Commission, we bring you a juicy clip of Libby and Roberta and “Libby” and “Roberta” in action. The clip (4 minutes, 48 sec. long) is from Wendy Weinberg‘s Art of Activism film that she made for WYBE TV’s Philadelphia Stories. The clip documents the Commission’s Feb. 2002 giveaway, The OK Art Project, at 17th and Market. Thanks to Wendy for giving us permission to post this clip on YouTube and bring it to you here on Artblog. And thanks to David Kessler for technical assistance and support.


art of activism, libby and roberta, wendy weinberg



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