…Go Chasing New York Waterfalls

Waterfall at Governor's Island. Photo by Cate Fallon
Waterfall at Governor’s Island. Photo by Cate Fallon

Here’s a quick photo post of the New York Waterfalls by Olafur Eliasson. We went out with Cate Fallon and Stella on a Circle Line boat tour that cost $10 for a 30-minute ride to all four waterfalls. It was worth it. Both to be on the water and to see the giant fountains in action.

If you don’t want to do the boat tour here’s a link to vantage points info and how to get to them.

Olafur Eliasson
Closeup of waterfall under Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Roberta

The pieces, sponsored by the Public Art Fund, are on view daily through Oct. 13. We hear they look best in the early evening but we liked seeing the day view which plays up the industrial infrastructure of the pieces.

IMG_6632 traffic on the East River
Boat traffic on the East River was intense. Photo by Libby

The works look like a piece of the city.

As for us, we’re hoping to start a Public Art Fund for Philadelphia. Any takers with deep pockets please contact us. PS We don’t want to be on the board. We just want to tell the board what to do.

Here’s Libby’s flickr set for more. Here’s Roberta’s flickr set Both sets have extra added attractions! We ran into a Jeff Koons balloon piece in a fountain near World Trade Center #7, where we also saw a Jenny Holzer piece inside.