Some people we love got Pews!

charles burwell
Charles Burwell, Red Bio, 36×37 inches; We love the way the drips create a wavy edge at the bottom that then creates a ridged shadow.

Last week, Pew announced its 2008 Fellows, recipients of the coveted $60,000 awards for artists in the 5-county Philadelphia area. These are the largest grants in the country that individual artists can apply for, according to Pew. This year 323 applied and 12 received the awards including 4 in painting and the three who we know who’ve been working in Philadelphia a long time we’re really excited about. Matthew Cox is a new name to us. Here’s who:

Anne Seidman painting
Charles Burwell painting
Matthew Cox painting
Mauro Zamora painting
Felix “Pupi” Legarreta folk & traditional arts
J. Rufus Caleb playwriting
Russell Davis playwriting
Katharine Clark Gray playwriting
Nana Korantemaa folk & traditional arts
Vera Nakonechny folk & traditional arts
Venissa Santí folk & traditional arts
Edgar J. Shockley III playwriting


This is the 17th year Pew has given out the awards for a total of 220 fellowships totaling more than $11 million.

Anne Seidman triangles
Anne Seidman
Untitled 2008
waterbased paint on wood panel mounted on wood.

We thought you might like to know who was on the jury (we wanted to know). The interdisciplinary panel members, who make the final decision, are listed below.

Thelma Golden (panel chair), director and chief curator, Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City
Robert H. Browning, executive and artistic director, World Music Institute, New York City
Lisa Kron, playwright and performer, New York
Byron Kim, artist, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Robert O’Hara, playwright and director, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Dr. Kay Turner, folk arts director, Brooklyn Arts Council, N.Y.

Along with Kim, the artist Amy Sillman was on the panel for painting.

Mauro Zamora, detail from a painting in his solo show at Seraphin Gallery in 2006.
Mauro Zamora, detail from a painting in his solo show at Seraphin Gallery in 2006.

No other foundation in the country has stepped up to the plate like this for its local artists. We are very proud of Pew and of all the recipients. Congratulations all around!

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