What we want to see Friday

You won’t see us out there because we have our own opening at Projects Gallery of the emerging artists show ID that we curated. We hope you’ll stop by.

Meanwhile this is what we recommend for your First Friday trooping around:

Image of desk from Solid Gold at Vox Populi


Vox Populi
Solid Gold
reception 6-11 pm

The fourth annual juried emerging artist show has a few familiar names we’re happy to see: Lee Arnold, Daniel Payavis, Serena Perrone, William Lohre, Rachel Frank, Robert Goodman. There’s 24 artists in all so expect to do eyeball aerobics. This show is usually over the top great and we expect nothing less. Over 250 applicants applied and the artists were selected by Adelina Vlas, Assistant Curator for Modern and Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and our fave local painter extraordinaire Sarah McEneaney.

In addition to who we told you about here’s who’s in the show:


D. B. Stovall, Mike Smith, Corrie Tice, Cara Erskine, Emily Denlinger, Nathan Prouty, Amy Lincoln, Jonathan Schoff, R. Nick Barbee. Mark Klassen, Daniel Gerwin, Hannah Smith Allen, Abby Donovan, Bang-Geul Han, Pamela Sunstrum, Edward Carey, Samuel Ekwurtzel, and Zach Rockhill.

Rodger LaPelle, drawing from his show opening Friday.
Rodger LaPelle, drawing from his show opening Friday.

Rodger LaPelle drawings at Rodger LaPelle
reception 5-9

This is not a vanity gallery although it is a vanity show. We’re excited to see Rodger LaPelle‘s new drawings. Surreal narratives with a cartoony Saul Steinberg edge. They’re existential puzzles.


Volume Attempts: The Space of Books
Temple Gallery
6-9 pm, performance at 8 pm

This is a show about everybody’s current favorite thing to make — books. There will be books galore on display. And things you don’t necessarily think of as books — like a slide show in the Friday night performance by Pierre Leguillon. In addition, because we love a giveaway, we want to tell you there are two giveaways in this show: two commissioned artist books — by Zoe Strauss and Heidie Giannotti.

Joy Feasley
Midnight Sun, 2008
vinyl paint on medium density over board
24 x 30 inches

Don’t forget the opening of Joy Feasley’s first solo show at Locks Gallery! And Bill Lohre is everywhere this month. In addition to the Vox show he’s in Welcome to My World at Bambi along with Joshua Erb, Marie DesMarais and, collaboratively, Erb and gallerist Candace Karch.


There are also a couple of noteworthy talks this week:

  • Friday, June 6, 6 pm. PAFA Morris Gallery. Jane Irish will talk about her work which is featured in the recent-acquisition show, SpotCheck.
  • Thusday, June 5 6-9 pm, talk at 7 pm. Jenny Jaskey/Tower Gallery. PAFA Curator of Modern Art, Bob Cozzolino, artist and curator Matt Fisher and Gallery Joe’s Director, Becky Kerlin will speak about the current show at Jaskey gallery, Drawing Narratives. This talk inaugurates Jenny Jaskey‘s new salon in Philadelphia, Untitled, which will organize talks, studio visits, and other yummy things for the all-art-all-the-tme crowd. While you’re at Jaskey check out the latest project in the Cabin Project Space. Chris Davison will be showing drawings and voodoo sculpture.