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TV movie about an artist!


painting by Chuck Connelly

What to watch once Wimbledon is over? A TV tip came in from John Caperton:

The Art of Failure

This documentary movie by Jeff Stimmel has a big Philly connection. It’s about former Locks Gallery artist Chuck Connelly, who doesn’t have the hang of surfing along on a good gig. It sounds like there’s a bit about the art world and how it works, and way more about Connelly, a guy with talent but not a lot of talent for getting along with others or with himself.

Here’s the movie website, with a clip from the film and some music and more info.

The movie is scheduled for:

July 7 (9:00 pm)
July 8 (11:45 pm)
July 10 (8:00 pm)
July 16 (3:50 pm)

July 7 (12:55 am)
July 16 (11:35 pm) and
July 22 (3:25 am)