Water, water everywhere


Nothing like proximity to water in the summer to make everything seem jolly and vacational. Last weekend Steve and I walked over the Ben Franklin Bridge with our friends Ann and Ed. I’d never done the bridge trek before and on a beautiful Saturday evening it was a perfect ramble with unlimited sky and big water below.

The bridge is open to foot/bicycle traffic 6 am-8 pm daily, weather permitting. The leisurely walk — with lots of stopping to take pictures and ogle the boats, blimp and baseball game in Camden — took us about 90 minutes.

Below are some pictures. More at flickr.

Ann Northrup on Ben Franklin Bridge
Ann at the start of our walk.

Duck boat going into water
The Duck boat landing is right next to the bridge. Here’s a boat getting ready to go in the water.

Duck boat
Duck boat in the water

In memory of those who lost their lives in the building of this bridge
In memory of those who lost their lives in the building of this bridge

Looking south towards the walt whitman bridge
Looking south

Ferry between Philadelphia and Camden
Ferry boat between Philadelphia and Camden

Barge and tug
Barge pushed by a tugboat

Battleship and bridge
Battleship and bridge

Steve and Ed after our walk
Steve and Ed after our walk.


ben franklin bridge



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