Metaphysical Conflation at UArts


Snippets from Conflation.  1 minute 12 seconds.

One of the best collaborative installations we’ve seen in a while is down at UArts’ Hamilton/Arronson Galleries right now. Conflation/Living Above the Store brings together sculpture, video and sound in a rendering of a pre- and post-apocalyptic city. Mark Campbell, who builds installations about suburban sprawl here has created a floating city in a void of black space. Peter Rose, projects video that suggests the real world at its most lyrical — and apocalyptic. Anthony Angelicola‘s soundtrack evokes sounds of the city run through a deep sea Cuisinart.   The team also included Eoin Burke and Jim Grilli.

The piece is a mirage. You’re seeing beauty but getting a message of never-ending transformation and post-Millennial rebirth. Speaking of Millennial the piece reminded us of all things Star Wars–especially the Millennium Falcon–a world in a bottle beseiged by the surrounding universe. Set in the inky black gallery the piece also had a jewel-like presence…or maybe a Lava Lamp! No pharmaceutical aids required.

The installation is part of a bigger show that includes work by all 5 artists.  But the installation — which is behind a wall in a black box — is the money shot.

Conflation/Living above the Store
Til Oct. 10
Hamilton/Arronson Galleries
320 S. Broad St.


anthony angelicola, eoin burke, jim grilli, mark campbell, peter rose



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