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City of Winners!!! We go to the Phillies victory parade.

Roberta in her Phillies cap
Roberta in her Phillies cap

Roberta and I were in deep South Philly the day of the Phillies parade, at Broad and Mifflin, where the crowd was relatively small and calm. Roberta put on her Phillies hat, and I donned my red fleece to express our support for the team.

Here are some photos of some of what we saw while waiting for our heroes, and then some more photos once the parade finally reached us (well past 1:30 p.m., around the time they were supposed to get to the rally at the stadium)!

Some young men spelled out Phillies in big white letters on their red-painted bare torsos. They were delighted to pose for pictures.

The parade included these bicycle cops, a Parking Authority tow truck, medics on Segways, a wedge of motorcycle cops, and police vehicles labeled Truck Enforcement. I wonder what Truck Enforcement means. None of these paraders were Phillies. I’m still confused as to why they were in the parade.

Police vans and cars passed us, draped with silly string.

At last a Phillie in sight–Pat Burrell (in a black shirt) on a Budweiser wagon pulled by the handsome team of Clydesdale horses.

Here are two of my favorite guys–Ryan Howard and Chase Utley (both in black caps, black jackets and sun glasses). Sigh. Worth the wait. This is one of several flatbeds with the big guys on them. We cheered and waved.

Yippee. Philadelphia. City of Winners!!!!

Miraculously, I got home in 10 minutes, using the back streets and avoiding the Schuylkill. Roberta got sideswiped by the SEPTA meltdown and couldn’t get where she was going, so she walked all the way to West Philly and caught a ride with Steve.

If you want to see more pix, my flicker set here, and Roberta’s is here.