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Message to Pennsylvania artists from Jack the Pelican


This urgent appeal from Don Carroll of Jack the Pelican Presents in Williamsburg just came in our emails. We feel he has something important to say and we agree with him.  Get out and vote tomorrow.

Dear member of the Philadelphia art community,

As you know, this is an important election. Some of the links and information below in this email may be helpful to you or to others you know. If you think so, please pass them on.

I’m the owner of Jack the Pelican Presents gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Perhaps you know it? As many of you may know, I have long been an ardent supporter of Philadelphia artists. There is more under-recognized talent in this city than any other place I know.

Many of us in W’burg think of Phillie as our sister city. In many ways we are the same, except that you have more and better art schools, and it is cheaper to live in Philadelphia.

I’m writing you now as a non-partisan member of the art community. I can think of few very good reasons not to vote on Tuesday, provided you are registered. I’m confident you agree with me.

However, this is something we should all be concerned about.

I’ve been out in the field in Philadelphia talking to many artists, and it might surprise you that some have no plans to vote. Some are apathetic. Some say ‘they are all just politicians.’ Others are just too far right or too far left to care. More than a few will vote for a third party candidate, which is to say they abstain in this major contest.

Please, let’s all do what we can!

Don Carroll

Don also sent along this useful information and links below, slightly modified by artblog:

 To find your local polling station, click here.

 Vote in Pennsylvania Tuesday,
November 4, 7am – 8pm. 
Vote early. Lines may be long at some polling stations.
Hours vary by state. For other states, click here or here.

What ID to Bring to the Polls
You should have no problems. For a list of valid IDs in PA, click here.

Your Local Machine/System
 To take a sneak peak, click here.

What to Wear 
Legally, it is considered “electioneering” to wear at a polling station anything that overtly celebrates your candidate. You should not have a problem. If anyone brings it up, simply step outside the polling station, remove it and return.

If You Have Problems at the Polls
  The likelihood is that you will not. However, should something occur, do not under any circumstances argue with an election official. There should be an attorney present in the polling station. Bring your issue to their attention. If all else fails, document all the details of your problem.Documenting your Vote
 You may encounter rules prohibiting photography/video. Read about documenting your vote.

1. Your vote matters a lot.
This Presidential election is likely going to be much closer than some people think. Yours may be the one vote that decides it. Take no chances.
2. Many important seats are up for grabs.
You will be able to make your vote heard at all levels of government.
3. All politicians are not the same.
The two major party candidates in the Presidential election could not be more different. This is a very real choice that will likely have real consequences for you and what you care about. The outcome will also have reverberations throughout the world.
4. It’s the right thing to do.
5. It feels good!

Are you registered? Find out.
PA voters, click here.
NY voters, click here.
OH voters, click here.

Absentee ballots

Not yet registered to vote?
Only if you are ‘an official resident’ of one of the following states is there still time:
Idaho – Register in person Tuesday, Nov 4 at polling place
Minnesota – Register in person Tuesday, Nov 4 at polling place
Montana – Register in person Tuesday, Nov 4 at elections office
New Hampshire – Register Tuesday, Nov 4 at elections office
Wyoming – Register in person Tuesday, Nov 4 at polling place