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Never too late


Well sometimes it is too late. Here are a couple of things I saw that I didn’t get up before they closed. But I really liked what I saw, so I had to share, anyway.

Michael Coppage at Crane

IMG_8941 Michael Coppage
Michael Coppage, A Mature Pair, mixed media drawing on pegboard, a detail from Coppage’s installation

1) Michael Coppage’s show in the so-called Archive Space at the Crane Arts Building is the first I’ve seen in that awful alley that found a number of ways to rise above the constraints of space, the aggressive daylight streaming in through the window, and the aesthetic disgustingness imparted by two old urinals.

Michael Coppage, installation detail
Michael Coppage, installation detail

Litterbug was a happy confluence of subject matter and materials (corrugated cardboard, spray painted stencils of the bugs, bubble wrap–you get the idea– that seemed tailor made (well some of it was; it was an installation, after all).

Jennie Thwing at Nexus

Here’s a mercifully short video of part of Jennie Thwing’s installation, Catch My Legs; clearly my video skills need upgrading.

2) Also at the Crane, Jennie Thwings somewhat mysterious video installation Catch My Legs at Nexus includes animation, photographs, sculptural installation and totally unexpected imagery. Socks are harvested from trees in the woods, where everyone seems ghostly. In another video, substantial socks slip across the screen and slither away. Birds are projected onto a suburban development–a relief of roof tops on the wall. Some of the footage is projected on a tent, reminding us of Kara Walker’s installation at the Fabric Workshop. Each video had a different affect, atmosphere and sense of place. The back story of a collective of women who harvest legs doesn’t really make this more understandable. What is clear is industriousness, the world of nature, the world of spirits and ghosts, and the world of people.

Some of the footage was inspired by the death of her grandfather.