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Survival, North Philly! Andrew Brehm’s performance film screens at Fleisher-Ollman


andrew brehm landman poster.jpg

The email came in from Andrew Brehm and I was intrigued. Here was an artist having a one night film screening at Fleisher-Ollman Gallery. That is maybe a first for F-O.  But Brehm has a connection — he was in last year’s winter invitational, Street Button. See my post for more on that.

The description of Brehm’s full-length movie, Landman and the Thunderbird, puts it in the endurance/performance category.  Here’s how the artist describes what he endured:


I lived for three days off of junk in a run down Kensington lot, starting out nude and with nothing I am forced to survive in these strange conditions and progress.


Chris Burden getting himself shot spawned a whole industry of performance artists who endure.  See Chris BorsModern Day Caveman, for a survivalist piece in a gallery.

Here’s a little back and forth I had with Brehm on email to get more info.

Andrew Brehm wrestling with hairy rug monster
Brehm wrestling with one of three hairy rug monsters that trash his Eden and fight with him.

Me: I hope the hero survives at the end!

Andrew: You’ll have to come [to the screening] see if he survives, well he does, but did require a visit to the Temple ER for tetnis shots and antibiotics.

Me: How is it you’ve got F-O as a venue for the movie?

Andrew: Good question, I was in the emerging artist show last year and became friends with some of the gallery employees. Heather Shoemaker and Patrick Blake both helped with the logistics of shooting the piece.   They work at the gallery.  The former director Will [Pym] was also helpful, he and the director of VOX, Andrew Suggs, are writing articles for the show’s accompanying zine.  Ever since my show last winter I have continued to go to their openings and have kept in touch with John Ollman.  Amy Adams is very cool, and close friends with several of mine, so we were introduced and hit it off about two months ago. In the end I just asked, and enough people were tangled up in the production that they crammed me in between two shows.  I’ve been in this city exactly two years now and have found the artists and arts related professionals to be extremely approachable if simply contacted.

Me: It’s so true that people like to be asked and will often find ways to work with you if you just ask.  It’s a great life lesson.

The film is one hour long and screens Monday, Jan. 19 at 7 pm at Fleisher-Ollman. You can watch a 10-minute clip at YouTube.