Zagar undressed

Trailer for Jeremiah Zagar’s In a Dream, a documentary about his father, Isaiah Zagar, known for covering Philadelphia buildings with tile and mirror murals. One of my personal favorites covers the Painted Bride Art Center.

The disturbing movie In a Dream, a documentary about Philadelphia folk artist icon Isaiah Zagar made by his son Jeremiah, is showing again in town this Friday at the Scribe Video Center. The movie was voted the Best Documentary at the 2008 Philadelphia Film Festival.

The son and his camera interrupt the father in flagrante. The extra-marital affair, unveiled, has repercussions that make everyone uncomfortable. And that’s not the only painful truth about the father that the son finds himself confronting.


Anyway, I hear it’s a pretty great film–plus it lays bare a local personality, giving him more texture than his own junk-sculpture garden on South Street that irritates some of the neighbors no end.

Scribe Video Center
4212 Chestnut Street
7 p.m.
tickets $5
215 222 4201