Bloggers get grants after all! Warhol/Creative Capital arts writers 2008


Congratulations Paddy Johnson (Art Fag City) and Anjali Srinivasan and Yuka Otani (Post-Glass Artists: Glass Guerillas)! First art bloggers to win the Warhol/Creative Capital grant for arts writers.

Also in the list of the 2008 winners (just announced), two Philly peeps: Judith Stein for her book, The Eye of the Sixties: A Biography of Richard Bellamy and Jonathan Katz, for his book Art, Eros and the Sixties.

Other notable grantees include Peter Plagens for an article on Bruce Nauman‘s inclusion in the 2009 Venice Biennale (curated by PMA’s Carlos Basualdo and Michael Taylor) and Joseph Grigely, (artist in the recent drawing show at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery see post) for a bibliography on Swiss Curator Hans Ulrich Oberst.

In its third year, Warhol/Creative Capital continued its primary focus in support of books and magazine articles, but bloggers finally got a toe in the door! And the really great news is that W/CC has renewed its commitment to arts writing for the next 5 years!  Yessss!  Online submissions accepted starting April 27, 2009.


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