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PA Council on the Arts winners for 2009–Congratulations!


Thanks to Susan Myers, for the heads’ up on this. You will see Susan’s name below–she is one of two winners in Philadelphia County who received a $10,000 fellowship. Congratulations to all of you, and keep on working, everybody! Your turn may be next.

More information at the PA Council website.

Stefan Abrams $5,000 Photography
Donald Eugene Camp $5,000 Photography
Daniel Cutrone $5,000 Crafts
Helena Espvall $5,000 Music – Blues/Jazz/World or Non-Classical
Asuka Goto $5,000 Sculpture/Installation
Valerie Harris $5,000 Arts Commentary
James Johnson $5,000 Sculpture and Installation
Matthew Elias Levy $10,000 Music – Blues/Jazz/World or Non-Classical
Norman George Lock $5,000 Literature – Fiction
Mark Davis Lyons $5,000 Literature – Fiction
Sumi Maeshima $5,000 Crafts
Catalina Mejia $5,000 New Performance Forms
Joshua Mosley $5,000 Media Arts – Experimental and Animation
Susan Blair Myers $10,000 Crafts
Nathaniel Robert Popkin $5,000 Literature- Creative Non-Fiction
Robin L. Rice $5,000 Arts Commentary
Paul D. Santoleri $5,000 Sculpture and Installation
Tina L. Smith-Brown $5,000 Literature – Fiction
Jeffrey Richard Stockbridge $5,000 Photography
Thomas Vance $5,000 Sculpture and Installation
A.M. Weaver $5,000 Arts Commentary
Sarah Elizabeth Zwerling $5,000 Media Arts – Experimental and Animation