Trojan Horses of Tyler, but not doom

Dated 2:59 am, Mar. 18, a mystery missive sped into our mailboxes. It declared:

“On the night of Tuesday March 17th, Tyler School of Art waged war on 4 fellow Philadelphia art schools.”

Along with this declaration of war, the email contained some megabytes of photos documenting the stealth “attack.” We at Artblog are in love with this project and can’t wait to see what further actions ensue. One question Tyler guys. Have you not heard of Penn? —Or perhaps that crackerjack Penn security foiled you? Either way, it seems to us PennDesign deserves to be invaded, too.

Art Institute Trojan Horse.
Art Institute Trojan Horse.

Here’s the war declaration:


Trojan Horse at Uarts
Tyler trojan horse breaches UArts fortifications
Tyler trojan horse breaches PAFA!
Bastions of Moore invaded by Tyler trojan horse

Will there be a counterpunch? Or is it more like an invasion than a war? We don’t know the outcome, but we loved the concept of a nose-to-nose without the nose bleed.