Kids, kids, kids in the blogosphere: What My Kids’ Art Says and Tiny Art Director


Dan Consiglio who runs the blog What My Kids’ Art Says invited me to critique a child’s drawing on his site. I know you’re probably thinking why would she do that? If you check out the blog you will see that the whole thing is very tongue in cheek. I love the spirit of it. And of course I do truly love kids art so why not.  Here’s the link to my critique.

And because serendipity is rampant on the web, I just got sent a link to another child-obsessed and tongue in cheek blog, Tiny Art Director, tales of an imperious toddler who commissions and rejects her father’s drawings one after another–too scary, too many teeth, don’t like the color…until one gets accepted: An airplane drawing where the airplane is as if made out of …..poop. Ah, kids humor.


children's art, dan consiglio


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