More Inky links on Biennale and top prize

Here are a couple of additional stories about the PMA, Bruce Nauman, the Golden Lion top award to Nauman, beyond the ones to which I already linked:

Today, Ripples of Venice success * about what the Bruce Nauman exhibit at the Venice Biennale, organized by the PMA, means for the museum’s future collection and leadership. This love note to Philadelphia’s premiere art attraction has lots of details and observations worth reading. Plus there’s a great picture of PMA curators Carlos Basualdo and Michael Taylor beaming in front of a Nauman, with the Golden Lion in hand!

Top prize affirms a roaring success ran last Sunday, June 7, announcing the prize.*

Thanks, Peter Dobrin, for all of these, and thanks to the Inky for this coverage of such an important moment for the PMA!

*reminder–these links will go dead 6 months after the story date.