Revisiting Artjaw

It’s been a while since I visited artjaw, Shelley Spector’s online magazine, which publishes one personal story a month by someone in Philadelphia’s art world. This month’s (excellent) story is by artist Andrew Suggs, Executive Director of Vox Populi, and recent defender of Michael Jackson on Artblog (sorry for the simplification, Andrew).

Anyway, if you don’t know this site, you might want to check it out. You can read about photographer Zoe Strauss, telling the tale of how her own book got censored by a printer in China. Or you can read about artist Mark Shetabi surviving a boot-camp-like experience. Or you can read about how gallery owners John Ollman or Philadelphia art is the common denominator (and knowing Shelley). there are people who exhibit art, like John Ollman of Fleisher-Ollman Gallery and Leah Douglas of the airport’s art program, and there are several art students, as well as people who work in other capacities around town (Roberta and I are on there too, but by now, that’s old news).

In the world of the internet, when non-business websites come and go, this one seems to have staying power!